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the company

SVS specializes in the transformation of special vehicles for the most varied of purposes possible.
The company has inherited the expertise of the artisan masters, designers and engineers of Abicar srl.  Today, with its being sold to SVS, it has evolved from a national project to an international one.
The use of wheeled vehicles for various types of activity has increased exponentially in recent decades. Today the challenge is to meet the growing demand in the market for a quality product with high aesthetic impact. As a result, mechanical, functional and creative craft skills have now been added to the other relevant skills. This has enabled SVS to face new markets and challenges.


SVS has a reputation for professionalism and experience. The company has expertise and experience in state-of-the-art technologies used in the industry. SVS is also well versed in the myriad of challenging, complex regulations that characterize the industry. At a national level, SVS is today recognized as one of the the country's leading vehicle conversion companies.
Our architects and engineers are available to customers every single day. They bring their knowledge and charisma to bear in an effort to meet customers' needs as best they can. SVS matches the needs of its customers with the best possible use of brands such as Renault, Mercedes, Iveco or Piaggio.
Through its subsidiary Street Food Business, SVS is able to construct genuine shops or kitchens on wheels. This type of business on the road, so to speak, is a business trend that is set to grow by around 13% (Coldiretti data 2016 ). Mobile shops such as these increase a brand's visibility and turnover.
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